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Engineering & Design

Industria Principals have worked with some of the nation's leading utilities and renewable energy investors providing project management services for the design, permitting, bidding, and installation of MW-sized solar PV arrays and energy storage systems.

Our Engineering work typically begins with site evaluation and feasibility studies to ensure advancing the project makes financial and engineering sense. We have completed hundreds of interconnection applications for new systems in all of

New England and New York.

We have worked with investor-owned and municipal utilities to negotiate and amend system studies and interconnection agreements. We do our design work in-house and have comprehensive, detail-oriented designs which facilitate cost efficient estimation and construction. Once the site is constructed, we commission, test and startup the system in accordance with utility requirements.

Industria Engineering's in-house team can assist with any distributed generation engineering project’s needs from:

  • Concept Drawings & Preliminary Permitting Review

  • Equipment Advisement

  • Development Documents

  • Interconnection Applications

  • Bid-Level Drawings

  • Procurement of Long Lead Equipment

  • Full Construction Drawings

  • Construction Oversite

  • QA/QC and Engineering Field Reports

  • Equipment Testing and Commissioning of systems

Engineering Examples



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